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What is Loti?

A chance encounter between a boy and a dog.

Loti is a daily, four-panel, slice of life comic strip that began its run on September 30, 2008. The story follows the inquisitive Huang Shuwen and his five Primary 2 friends as they go about their adventures in and around their neighbourhood.

Shuwen's optimism and fascination with life soon leads him to discover the enigmatic dog he calls Loti. During the course of the series, he begins to discover what it means to be happy, and prompts the same question in the people around him.

Each volume captures one term of the school year, depicting all the Singaporean festivals and activities that punctuate each quarter of the local calendar. Whether it's celebrating Chinese New Year, a trip to the beach, National Day or the mooncake festival, Loti is a series that will charm both Singaporeans and overseas readers of all ages!

The series ended its daily run on December 31, 2011, but you can enjoy the full version and enhanced story by checking out the books below!


The Collection

Loti Vol. 1

Loti (Volume 1)

The world around you can appear bigger than it really is if you're seven going on eight. Or maybe, it just is! Join Shuwen and his friends as they embark on the big adventure of Primary 2.

Volume 1 includes all 300 strips from the first term and two new chapters not found online.

200 pp / B&W / A5 Size

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Loti Vol. 2

Loti (Volume 2)

The second term begins and that only means more shenanigans from Shuwen and company, more high jinks around the neighbourhood, and more Loti sightings! Have YOU seen Loti lately?

Volume 2 collects strips 301 to 600 and includes two extra chapters of new strips.

208 pp / B&W / A5 size

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Loti Vol. 3

Loti (Volume 3)

Mooncakes, presents and ice cream shops that never ever close. These are some of the things that dreams are made of. But no matter what happens, always know that if you believe in your dreams, you’d be that much closer to making them come true!

Volume 3 collects strips 601 to 900 and includes the new chapters Sofie's Diary and J Takes Flight!

208 pp / B&W / A5 size

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Loti Vol. 4

Loti (Volume 4)

The final term is here. Long school holidays, fun camping trips and Christmas presents are now finally within reach! But that's not all on the minds of Shuwen and gang. They are wishing for something else. Are you hoping for the same thing too?

Volume 4 completes the series. It includes strips 901 to 1200, two extra chapters of shorts and an epilogue.

208 pp / B&W / A5 size

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