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The Kids


Huang Shuwen

An inquisitive and optimistic boy with an extremely vivid imagination. Shuwen is often fascinated by even the simplest things in the world around him. He is the youngest member of the Huang family. His curiosity usually leads him and his friends to many everyday adventures, including the discovery of the puppy, Loti.


Xu Xiao-An

The tallest girl in class 2C and also the class monitor (not by choice). Xiao-An is a very bright and talented girl who often attains top scores in all her subjects. She is thought to be an overachiever and may seem a little prissy given her annoyance with Shuwen's impulsiveness at times. She lives within walking distance from Shuwen and Benson.


Benson Foo

Shuwen's best friend and classmate. Benson lives in a neighbouring block of flats and usually meets Shuwen at the playground in the evenings. He has a tiny frame and is more reserved than Shuwen. However, he will stand by his friends in their time of need. He and Shuwen have a certain history with Xiao-An.


Valerie Chow

Xiao-An's best friend and classmate. Valerie is an easy going girl who excels at sports. She has a tendency to doze off in class (probably due to her high metabolism) and has a sweet tooth. She also likes animals but as her parents do not allow her to keep a pet, she spends most of her free time reading books about them.



Shuwen's classmate. Jayaprakash, or J, as everyone calls him, is a slightly timid boy by nature. He would rather be on the side of caution and think things through than risk putting himself in any sort of unperceivable danger. J is quite knowledgeable about the world for his age and his comments sometimes surprises his friends.


Sofie Lindt

The new girl in the neighbourhood. Sofie is an Eurasian girl who joins Shuwen's class at the beginning of the school year. She is a shy girl but slowly opens up to her friends as the year progresses. She lives on the "other side" of the school (as Shuwen and Benson call it) and quickly becomes one of their playground buddies.



The eponymous doggy of the series. What can be said about this peculiar pup? He's cute. He likes bread over bones. And he tends to show up only when the kids are around and no adults are in the vicinity. Is he just a figment of Shuwen's imagination? Or is there more to this stray pooch than meets the eye?

The Huang Family


Mrs Huang (Mommy)

Shuwen's mother and the head of the Huang household (because, as Shufen points out, she makes most, if not all, of the family's decisions). Mrs Huang is a very capable working mom who tries her best to ensure that her children are brought up the right way. She can be strict if the occasion calls for it.


Mr Huang (Daddy)

Shuwen's father. Mr Huang is often seen coming home late at night and seems overworked. Despite the long hours, he always finds time to indulge in his son's requests. He loves baking whenever he has the time and comes up with new recipes that his children enjoy. Compared to his wife, he is much more laid-back.


Huang Shufen

The eldest daughter of the Huang family. Shufen is an attractive but, at times, brash teenager who is often getting into squabbles with her mother. She attends a prestigious art school and is usually out with her friends. She enjoys teasing and playing tricks on her little brother whenever she is at home.


Huang Shuzen

The middle child of the Huang family. Shuzen is the most well-mannered of the three Huang children and is the main go-to person for Shuwen whenever he has any questions. Because of her age and accommodating nature, she is much closer to Shuwen than her big sister. Shuzen is also often seen helping out around the house.

Ah Gong

Ah Gong (Grandpa)

Mrs Huang's father. He is a retiree who lives on his own but spends the daytime at the Huang residence looking after the kids while their parents are working. He dotes on his grandson and will not hesitate to spoil him. He has a carefree personality and does as he pleases even when his daughter shows her disapproval.

The Teachers

Ms Ng

Ms Ng

The English and form teacher of class 2C. Ms Ng has a perky personality and loves her students but tends to get a little overexcited about even the most trivial of things. She can be quite nosy around the school, even spying on other teachers' and students' activities. It's only because she cares about them though!


Ms Lauren

The art teacher of class 2C. Ms Lauren is a compassionate teacher who tries her best to impart a positive mindset in all her students. She is a little scatterbrained and clumsy though, a fact that her colleague, Ms Ng, constanty makes fun of. Despite some rivalry between herself and Ms Ng, the two of them are good friends.

The Neighbours

Loti's Ah Gong

Loti's Ah Gong

The mysterious old man who is seen with Loti at the beginning of the series. He occasionally shows up near the playground where Shuwen and his friends meet up. He says that Loti isn't his dog, but why does Loti follow him around then?

Mr Koh

Mr Koh (Bread Shop Ah Gong)

The owner of the neighbourhood bread shop. He is a kind and jovial old man who likes talking to his customers. He is especially fond of Shuwen and his friends and is often giving them various snacks from his shop for free.



The tomboyish counter clerk of the Beri-Mart. Yiling occasionally helps out in her mother's store after classes and during school breaks, She usually gets dragged into Shuwen's adventures involving Xavier, whom she is constantly irritated by. She is a little jealous of Shuwen's eldest sister.

Mr Khairul

Mr Khairul

Mr Khairul is the friendly policeman who diligently patrols the neighbourhood and is good friends with Shuwen. The children admire and look up to him as some sort of superhero at times. He is very patient and is always helping out the residents, whatever their needs may be.



Xavier is a somewhat irreverent young man who enjoys fixing up his prized car. It is perhaps his immaturity that resulted in him befriending Shuwen and his playground buddies. He has an immense crush on Shufen and is constantly trying to chase her, much to the annoyance of Yiling.