Heritage Walls | SkyVille@Dawson

The Call

It all started in November 2012. I received an email from WOHA Architects asking me if I'd like to submit a proposal for a mural in a new public housing estate. Being an unknown comic book maker at the time (I probably still am), I assumed someone was messing around with me and completely ignored it. They followed up with a call, I felt stupid, and three and a half years later, SkyVille@Dawson is fully lived in with my artwork adorning the ground floor of the estate.

Telling A Story

Queenstown is the first satellite town developed by the Housing Development Board and has a rich history going back to the 1950s. My goal was to capture as much of that history and present it in an accessible manner that can be enjoyed by all ages. Divided into three main sections (Heritage Loop, Reflection Walk, and Dawson Doorways), visitors can trace the estate from its humble beginnings and pass through its many decades of change that include iconic landmarks such as Da Zhong Emporium, Margaret Drive hawker center, and Queenstown/Queensway Cinema & Bowl.

Casting Concrete

The distinct feature of this mural is how the art is cast as a relief. In fact, that was the main reason why I took on this project. I certainly could not have painted it like a typical mural since that is not a medium I work in. Concrete reliefs may not be new, but this is possibly the first relief in Singapore that spans more than 360 square meters and uses comic book line art exclusively. The feel of the murals changes depending on the lighting conditions and I highly encourage repeat visits at different times of the day.

A Permanent Public Space

Of course, nothing beats the experience of seeing it yourself. It's just a short walk from Queenstown MRT. While you're there, be sure to check out the roof garden on the 47th floor for a great view as well. You can head on up via the elevators located in any of the three blocks and, best of all, admission is free.