Zouk Club (Original Location)

17 Jiak Kim Street in Singapore is a special place that many local clubbers and music aficionados know. It was the address of Singapore's first world-class »

Wild Boar

It's large. It grunts. And it's pretty intimidating when you're standing just a few meters away from it on a lonely deserted road. I'm talking about »

Changi Airport

Since this series is called The Resident Tourist, it wouldn't be complete without featuring the main point of entry into this island, Changi Airport. Consistently ranked »

A Nation Cheated

Those of you who've read Part 4 will know that Quest and I encountered a certain book while we were checking out my products in BooksKinokuniya. »

Tower Books

Being a music lover in the 90s was quite a different experience from today. There was no Spotify, Youtube, or any on-demand way of listening to »