Katong Mall

Katong Mall

A sad mall. Turns into a new one! Then becomes sad again. This is the tale of Katong Mall. I'm not an East Coast person within »

Drink Stall Prizes


When you mention the words Yakult or Vitagen to any Singaporean kid in the 80s and 90s, they won't be thinking about the probiotic elements or »

Ovaltine Biscuits

Ovaltine Biscuits

Food in the army was never really good. The cookhouses were more concerned with providing basic sustenance than gourmet delights as seen in this previous article. »

Video Game Babes

Chun Li & Mai Shiranui

Since the beginning of time, video games have always been escapist fantasies for its players. No other medium provides the same immediate interactive thrill that you »

Longkang Brushing

How many of you are old enough to remember brushing your teeth in school by the longkang (Malay for drain)? Do schools even do this today? »