These stories form the main ongoing narrative of the series. They are available locally in bookstores such as BooksActually and Books Kinokuniya. You can also purchase them online by clicking on the covers.

The Resident Tourist (Part 1)

Troy Chin might have made a mistake. A BIG mistake. Having left the music industry in New York City for his hometown in little-red-dotty Singapore, what's a loser who loves playing video games to do in a country obsessed with winning?

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200 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 2)

It ain't easy trying to take it easy. Or so it seems. Whether you're a tourist or a charlatan, a bum ora dreamer, a poet or a lover, life will somehow find a way to kick you in the butt. But how hard? You're about to find out.

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230 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 3)

And then there were three. Growing up sure is complicated when you've got school to balance, friends to forge and futures to prepare. What do you do when the future finally arrives and is waiting for you to open the door?

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224 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 4)

Some things never change. Be it the 90s or today, we all have the same hopes, fears, aspirations, desires and things that make us tick. Time just makes us a little wiser. Or does it?

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220 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 5)

Love and hate. Truth and deceit. Life and death. Words whose meanings are forged through and against their dialectical opposites. But how do you capture a world in black and white, when everything seems to be in an infinite shade of gray?

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266 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 6)

Enter the second loop. Four years back on the island have wrought some heart-rending changes, and entire lifetimes seem to have gone by. But is it really possible to reboot real life?

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210 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 7)

Winning a battle, but losing the war. Adulthood is a constant challenge, especially when you’re caught in circumstances that are out of your control. What do you do when the front lines shift and allegiances blur? Can you even tell which side you’re on?

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216 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 8)

This is the good life. With hard work comes the corresponding spoils. That’s the theory, anyway. But what if all the fast cars and beautiful company in the world still leave you wanting? When push comes to shove, would you even know what to look for?

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214 pages / Black & White

The Resident Tourist (Part 9)

Letting go of a dear one is hard to do. What lies in the beyond is an ineffable mystery. But what place can concepts like the afterlife – or karma, or feng shui – have in this modern city-state, where
pragmatism undeniably reigns supreme?

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216 pages / Black & White