Camera Brands

Canon 5D

Several years ago, I was introduced to the world of "real" cameras. All I wanted was something that could take better pictures than my point-and-shoot compact, which was terrible in low light conditions. Little did I know that I was stepping into a world of lunatics.

Just when I thought game console fanboys were bad, I discovered the camera fanboys on sites like DPReview and the various camera review channels on Youtube. And they really say some of the vilest shit.

You have the Canon and Nikon crazies duking it out since the beginning of time, the Sony worshippers trying to preach their gospel around them, and the micro four thirds Olympus and Panasonic pagans trying to justify that their non-full frame format is not a toy.

Meanwhile, the Leica folks continue to be the elitists that they are (and we know they don't really take pictures coz all they want is to wear their $10k cameras around their necks). The Fujifilm people seem reasonable, but they know that most camera nuts will never accept them. And the Pentax supporters are just basically stateless exiles.

What really gets me is how so many of them talk as if their brand can automatically make them one of the greats. "My camera can shoot 14 frames per second up to 200 frames in a single burst!" Wow! It's really perfect for wildlife and action, huh? It's probably why there are only pictures of your kids on the memory card. And when cornered, they always push back with "I know what I'm talking about! I shoot for a living!" Yeah, yeah, you're a weekend wedding photographer at best, not Ansel Adams. Shut the fuck up.

I admit that I was suckered into the whole debate at the time, even contemplating getting those high end lenses and shit. But in the end I just shut the noise out and chose what works for me based on my specific needs: a small Olympus with the kit lens that gets me all the reference shots I want.