American Vs British Spelling


If you've stayed with the series up to now, you must have noticed how there seems to be inconsistencies with the way English words are spelled. Let me explain and clarify it all today.

Singapore uses British spelling. That's what we're taught in schools with us being a former British colony. I spent almost ten years in the US. They write color instead of colour over there. I became used to their way of doing things and that's how I spell now.

It becomes a problem when I have to display names or words used within the Singaporean context. The correct thing to do in prose is to standardize everything to one way of spelling. But this being comics, there will be times when the visuals can't be changed from reality. Things like Newton Food Centre and Golden Mile Food Centre are going to be spelled with the "r" before the "e", just like how armour above has an extra "u".

This used to be a lot worse in the beginning when I tried to use British spelling for locals and American spelling for, well, Americans, or people who have been there for some time and have developed an accent. After some time, it became really ridiculous tracking who's more American or British and so I put an end to that disaster. However, I still have to deal with scenarios like the above and it's probably one of the reasons why my books will always seem to contain errors.