Cheyenne Diner

A diner is where you can order a burger, an omelette, a bran muffin, blueberry pancakes, or just a cup of coffee at any time of »

The Durian Test

If you grew up in Singapore, you'd know what a durian is. It's a seasonal welcome or bane depending on who you ask. In recent years, »

Newton Food Centre

Attention tourists and first-timers to Singapore, would you like to try some local cuisine, preferably all under the same roof? Well, if you do, then there's »

Teochew Chili Sauce

Ah, chili sauce, a staple condiment in the Singaporean diet. You can find many variations depending on the kind of food you're adding it to. Even »

Magnolia Bakery

Are you a fan of Sex and the City? Yeah? Well, I'm not. But if you were, then you would definitely know of the "world-famous" Magnolia »