Malay Cuisine in Singapore

Malay Cuisine

One of the benefits of living in a culturally diverse country like Singapore is the variety of food you can savor. You can find pretty much »

Super Lemon

Super Lemon

Super Lemon is a hard candy made by Nobel Japan and it was something that was a novelty during my secondary school days. You can still »

Drink Stall Prizes


When you mention the words Yakult or Vitagen to any Singaporean kid in the 80s and 90s, they won't be thinking about the probiotic elements or »

Ovaltine Biscuits

Ovaltine Biscuits

Food in the army was never really good. The cookhouses were more concerned with providing basic sustenance than gourmet delights as seen in this previous article. »



I'm not sure how many readers picked up on this, but that right there in my hand is a bottle of POM. What is it? It's »