Dempsey Hill

The atas crowd is always on the lookout for new atas places to patronize. Older joints fall out of fashion and newer businesses spring up to »

Before ION

ION Orchard is a high-end mall with residential apartments at the corner of Orchard and Scotts Road. With flagship shops of luxury brands on its upper »

Fernvale Point

Do you have a favorite coffee shop or kopitiam that you regularly go to? I did. Between my initial return until April 2015, Fernvale Point was »

Summer of '69 Lyrics

See that caption at the end of this sequence? It's pretty obvious where that came from, right? Right?? I'm fond of dropping song lyrics in my »

Teochew Chili Sauce

Ah, chili sauce, a staple condiment in the Singaporean diet. You can find many variations depending on the kind of food you're adding it to. Even »