Drink Stall Prizes


When you mention the words Yakult or Vitagen to any Singaporean kid in the 80s and 90s, they won't be thinking about the probiotic elements or »

Longkang Brushing

How many of you are old enough to remember brushing your teeth in school by the longkang (Malay for drain)? Do schools even do this today? »

Swee Lee

Swee Lee

If you are a musician in Singapore, especially if you were in a band growing up in the 90s or had ambitions to form one, you »

The Last Boy Scout


The scouts played a big role when I was in primary school. It had a sense of adventure to it. I made friends there. And it »

Mr. Kiasu

Mr Kiasu

Mr. Kiasu is a comic book series created by Johnny Lau. Regardless of what people might think of it, the series was a cultural phenomenon in »