This is a short post to address what Bl├╝dhaven is. Part 6 has more superhero comics references than I'm comfortable with, especially considering that I'm not »

Wild Boar

It's large. It grunts. And it's pretty intimidating when you're standing just a few meters away from it on a lonely deserted road. I'm talking about »

Pulau Tekong

Mandatory conscription is not a fun thing. And for many Singaporean males, Pulau Tekong is a place that they would pass through for their basic military »

Election Rally

The Singapore General Election in 2011 was described by many as a watershed election. It was the first election that I could participate in, so it »


This is a very short post just to explain the phrase that the Sarge said in Part 6. It's from the 1970 epic war film Patton. »